The freest Memecoin Is Ready To take Over All The Existing Memes.

We’ve seen the dogs 🐕 🐶 🐩 and frogs 🐸 make their mark 🚀 it seems that it’s finally time for 🐥 ASCII 🐥 to Reach at ATH 🚀🚀🚀

In the era of digital innovation, blockchain and Web3 are revolutionizing how we express, own, and connect in the digital world. ASCII COIN embraces this spirit of convergence, uniting art enthusiasts globally. With NFTs redefining digital asset ownership, ASCII COIN adds a new dimension to art. In the Web3 landscape, it promotes decentralized participation and collaboration, aligning with the values of democratization.

Payment made easy

Easy to buy NFTs and coin

Meme To Earn​

Earn While Doing What You Love.​

Identity Protection​

Add New Trending And Rare Artwork To Your Collection.​

Transparency And Traceability​

Our Platform Is Traceable And Transparent​

Create A Wallet​

Download And Install A Friendly Wallet Like Metamask On Your Browser, Or If On Mobile From The App Store Or Google Play Store.​

Get Some ETH

$ASCII Lives On The Ethereum Blockchain So You Need ETH To Purchase Tokens. You Can Purchase ETH In Most Wallets, Or Deposit From An Exchange.​

Head Over To Uniswap

Visit Uniswap To Exchange Your ETH To $ASCII. ​

Swap Eth For $ASCII

Exchange Your ETH For $ASCII On Metamask, Or Other $ASCII Friendly Wallets. If You Are Having Trouble, Head Over To Our Telegram For Assistance. ​



q1 2024

TOTAL SUPPLY:21,000,000,000

Simplifying it all: Zero taxes (0% Buy/Sell TAX) and absolutely no hidden fees. That's what propels us to the moon! 🚀🌙

Our ASCII Coin economy is transparent and community-focused. A key feature of our approach is that there are no hidden taxes or fees. Every exchange made with ASCII Coin directly benefits the community, because we believe in the value of every transaction to strengthen our ecosystem.

$ASCII coin has no association with Friz Freleng & Bob Clampett. This token is simply honor to a meme we all love & recognize. $ASCII is strictly a meme cryptocurrency, offering no financial return or tangible utility. There is no formal team or established roadmap. It should be considered solely as an entertainment product with no other intended benefits.